We are the cells of the All and the All regenerates the same cells (reincarnation). That means we are healthy cells. Love yourself. You deserve your love.



When we leave our physical body, our energy separates in three parts. 

First part is our lower energy part, which is strongly attached to the -known to all- material version of the Universe. It stays here, always available to us for communication and although it can not move to higher levels of existence on its own ,it can distract certain information from its higher separated parts due to the energy connection cords that always connect them. This part of our energy consists of all the memories from our material earthly experiences. 

Second part, is our middle energy part, which moves up to a slightly higher frequency level. The level created by our thoughts and emotions. I channeled this dimension some time ago. What i saw was an infinite Universe consisting of bubbles (that’s the closest I can find to make the resemblance). Endless huge bubbles and inside them something resembling a moth flying -unmentionably fast- from one side to the other. I knew that was part of us. Each of us has their own bubble inhabited by our mid part energy which for as long as it’s there creates its own reality by thoughts and emotions. So I might saw it all as transparent bubbles with something like a moth flying inside them but for the one inside the bubble it might have been heaven or hell or a combo of both. Our middle part energy withholds the data of all realities. We cannot communicate directly with it but only through our lowest part energy which gives us all that’s necessary to get help and move forward. 

Finally, there is our third high frequency part which goes back to its creator energy and for as long as it stays there (until we are born again) it possesses all the data of the one and only absolute Truth. 

It is only when we finish our incarnations that all three parts will unite and become one with our creator to make it bigger and stronger. 

*Do we all come from the same creator? …… 

Psychic attacks

Today i have been told to write about psychic attacks. A psychic attack is when -not negative because there’s no such thing- but non compatible with our energy enters our energy field. 

This can happen when we are weak energetically and leave voids in our auric body. Our energy/auric body acts like a shield protecting us from incompatible energies. The stronger our energy body the better protected we are. 

Our auric body gets voids by our weaknesses like our addictions, our emotions, our habits. Also when we deal with health issues which can also manifest from incompatible energies that entered our field through those voids. 

A psychic attack can last for a long period of time and the most dangerous aspect of it is that the person under attack, might not be aware of the situation they’re in which may lead to unpleasant events. For example the attacked might feel and believe they’re experiencing a profound time of spiritual enlightenment while they’re only receiving false information from the incompatible that has entered their field. 

To be protected from such accidents one must take good care of their energy body by not engaging in unhealthy habits ,keeping away from addictive relationships, building extra strong energy shield through meditation and by summoning the help of higher frequency entities (Angels, God, or whoever one feels comfortable with. Faith is a personal issue neither forced nor forbidden).

Please make sure to understand deeply that there’s no such thing as “negative energy”. Understand that we all are electrically charged beings and we carry + as well as – . Sometimes we are more + and others more – , but we are never only positive or negative. It is very important to understand that every + has also some – in it and vise versa. 

When you absolutely understand that in depth, then you won’t try to eliminate your negatives but rather protect yourself from the real source of our problems. The incompatible which can also be highly pathogenic. 

The concept of Love

Lately it seems like everybody is telling you “to love”. Love your enemy, love everything that you cannot understand. So, you are constantly in a path of chasing love (even if you are not in a position to understand it).
You have been told to love unconditionally in order to be happy and healthy, and by that you are immediately put in a state inability. 
First we must separate and analyze the two dimensions of love. 
*There is the energy of love and then we have the feeling*
The energy of love is what keeps the universe aligned. Is when you understand your place in the All and your connection to everything in it. It is a very high frequency energy and for you to understand it better i will present a personal experience as an example. 

I remember some time ago I was asking everyday in my meditation to feel the energy of love and connection to the All. I asked for it for quite sometime and really needed to feel it. Eventually it was given to me for a fragment of a second only. I will try to describe it even though it’s not easy. 
*My heart was beating so fast and strongly that I thought it was going to make my whole body explode. Tears could not stop running and to say that I was “overwhelmed ” would be an understatement. There’s no word to describe it. And all that from only a fragment of a second. And then I knew that our physical body is not made up to feel that frequency. 

That kind of love we only feel when we don’t have a physical body. In higher levels of existence. 
-Why make people go after what they’re not meant to feel in their current form?? Could it be to distract them from finding their correct path?- 
And then we have our human love. The feeling. The one that always has terms and conditions in it. Always. Even when you think it doesn’t if you are true to yourself and go deep inside, you will see that there’s no such thing as “unconditional” in our human state and if you take any seemingly unconditional feeling or action to its root you will find the most egocentric motives. And that’s ok because this is who we are now. 

*Ego is the material equivalent corresponding of the soul.*
It’s ok to “not love” everyone so instead of forcing yourself to accomplish the impossible try to just understand and accept them. Forcing ourselves to feel something – “because somebody told us that this is the right thing to feel”- is starting an inner war and like all wars it creates victims and scars. 

As a therapist I can tell you that this is one of the main reasons causing our physical body to lose its strength and get sick. The struggle to become what you’re not.

Stay strong and realistic. 

Have a great day! 

A tale 

Once upon a time there was a place that had two Suns above and golden sand beneath. A smart golden sand which moved by your thoughts and emotions constructed your reality.

The sand is the Truth and you are the reality.

Daily Intuition 

From today I will stop posting the card of the day. Instead I will post everyday articles with daily intuition which I get during my meditation time. 

Today i would like to talk about the following. 

We are on a war. A spiritual/energy one. Yes. We have been since the beginning of time. This is not news. It’s been on for so long that it is not a war anymore but rather a balance daily dance routine between light and darkness. So please don’t make it bigger than it is and don’t put your fears into it because your feelings have power together with your faiths. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to manifest that type of fear. 

Try to accept and embrace all of what’s inside and around you. Because “As above, So below”. 

The energy is one and it shapes according to us. Think of the energy like tofu. Tofu is tasteless and gets its taste from the food it accompanies. This happens to energy as well. It gets its vibe from our emotions. Collectively and individually. We cannot control the collective but we are a part of it, so we are fully empowered to control the individual. 

Have a great day!